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    September 11, 2019
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    DATE:                   September 11, 2019
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    SUBJECT:            ACC Fall 2019 Ambassadors  
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    ACC Fall 2019 Ambassadors

    The Fall 2019 Alvin Community College Student Ambassador program will see many new faces, including a new leader at the helm.
    This year’s class of ambassadors is the first for ACC Student Recruiter Daveon Gee.
    “My goal is for each Ambassador to gain transferable skills that they could use at their next institution or place of employment,” he said. “With this year’s Ambassadors I set out to give each of them the ultimate experience; while enhancing their learning outside of the classroom. With a fresh batch of students and only one returning vet I wanted to find ways that could help mold their leadership, critical thinking, and public speaking skills.”
    ACC Ambassadors are an important element in attracting students and promoting the college’s mission. During the semester ambassadors will help provide information to potential students about ACC services, help create marketing strategies, conduct campus tours, work community events and even volunteer for college and ACC Foundation events.
    Ambassadors receive a $600 scholarship for their 60-hour commitment. The lone returning ambassador is Lorna Craft, of Alvin .
    Whether it was wanting to be more involved with college or to assist their fellow students, the new crop of ambassadors are excited to start the Fall 2019 semester:
    Rebekah Bradford is an Alvin native who chose to be an ambassador to improve her abilities as a leader.
    “I know that I can serve others, and be a force for positive change,” she said.
    Lawrence Celestine arrived at ACC from Baton Rouge, Louisiana and wanted to be an ambassador in order to meet people on campus.
    “I also want to develop a support system while also gaining experience from the program that I can take with me and use it on resumes and for when I transfer schools,” he said.
    Hayley Collins, of Alvin, joined the ambassador family as part of a family tradition.
    “I became a student ambassador after I was inspired by my sister, who was previously an ambassador,” she said. “I know I will enjoy the program.”
    Cherlyn Crawford is from Pearland and decided to become an ambassador to learn more about leadership.
    “I have never given myself an opportunity to shine and feel like that should change,” she said. “I also desire to be a role model to others and prove that no matter your age you should never be afraid to improve yourself.”
    De’Risha Davis travelled from Tallulah, Louisiana to become and ACC student and joined the ambassadors to step out of her comfort zone.
    “I feel you don’t have to be smart as everyone else, you don’t have to look like everyone else to be comfortable in your skin and still SHINE,” she said. “You still can become the face of the community with different flaws but most of all be you , let loose , get loud and stand proud. That’s what leaders do and you can become on too. That’s the reason why I choose to become an Ambassadors, to lead and guide people to motivate and educate them.”
    Priscila Delapaz recently graduated from ACC’s Upward Bound program and became an ambassador to be more involved.
    “Being a part of the Upward bound program I spent my summers at ACC and I loved being there everyone was very friendly and nice so I wanted to be a part of this community and let others know how great of a place ACC is,” she said.
    Paloma Garcia, of Alvin, is attending ACC to become a neonatal Nurse. Joining the ambassadors will give her an chance to be out in the community.
    “I decided to be a student ambassador to get more involved in the community and to make fun memories in college,” she said.
    Brooke Koons is an Alvin native who works with the Student Activities department at the college.
    “I chose to become an ambassador here at ACC to meet new people and to also encourage others to join our ACC family,” she said. “love being involved with the fun projects that we have here on campus, so I knew that I would enjoy promoting ACC and recruiting new students to join us as well.”
    Rebecca Ledet is an Alvin mother of three children and is herself a first generation college student.
    “I love being a student ambassador because it gives me the chance to share information about college that I didn’t know when I was younger,” she said. “The Student Ambassador scholarship provided a way for this mother of three to be able to gain an education, help other people out that are in my situation, and show my children that it’s never too late to change their life. I have met so many amazing ambassadors that have encouraged me along the way and I wouldn’t be in the nursing program now if it weren’t for them. Student ambassadors is one of the greatest things I have ever done and I’m so excited to be a part of this amazing program.”
    Christian Rebresh, of League City, became an ambassador to gain valuable experience for the future.
    “I want to expand my college resume and gain leadership and teamwork qualities while in the program to improve my future management opportunities with my degree in Business,” Rebresh said.
    Janisha Stewart is an international student from the Honduras who joined the ambassadors to learn leadership skills.
    “I chose to be an ACC ambassador because this is my final semester here and I wanted to make good memories while gaining new valuable skills,” she said.
    For more information about the program, visit www.alvincollege.edu/recruiting/student-ambassadors.
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    The Fall 2019 ACC ambassadors are bottom, from left: Hayley Collins, Lawrence Celestine, Paloma Garcia, Priscila Delapaz, Janisha Stewart and Cheryln Crawford. Top, from left: Lorna Craft, Brooke Koons, Christian Rebresh, De’Risha Davis, Rebekah Bradford

    John Tompkins
    Communications Coordinator
    John Tompkins, Communication Coordinator
    (281) 756-3551