• Strategic Plan

    Completion of The Commerce Center at 6117 Broadway in 2009 represents attainment of a multi-year goal and a milestone in the stature of the Pearland Chamber of Commerce.  The Commerce Center is a literal and figurative statement on the future opportunities for the Pearland Community.  Geographically, its location was purposeful to unite the traditional core of the city with the rapidly developing 288 corridor.  Physically, the architecture and quality solidify the image of the city as a premier suburban Houston market.  The high-tech visitor and marketing center is a symbol of the forward-looking attitude of the entire community.

    The Chamber has grown and evolved as the city has prospered.  The Chamber’s mission remains unchanged, but the means to support that mission have and will change to meet the changing needs of its members and our society.  We will continue to serve as the voice of business, creating and promoting an environment for   trade  and  commerce  through  strategic  partnerships  and  advocacy  to enhance  the  economic  growth  for  members and community.

    In looking to the future to fulfill this mission, we will be vigilant for new needs of the members and new ways to meet those needs.  In evaluating new programs and initiatives, one thing should not change:  We will continue to ask 'Does the program or initiative support a positive business climate; does it support the needs of the membership; and does it generate revenues necessary for the sustainability of the organization?'

    This Plan cannot possibly identify every challenge or emerging trend the Chamber will encounter.  This Plan represents the currently identified challenges and presents a framework for initiating, evaluating, and responding to issues and topics as they arise.

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